Basket safety

  • Like each Moses baskets on the market, the baskets are for are for stationary nap-time use, Although very sturdy, this is not made as an carrying device. We do not recommend that you carry your basket with your baby inside.
  • To help prevent and avoid any falls, do not use baskets once infant is able to push up onto her/his hands and knees or reaches the recommended maximum weight, whichever comes first. Product is recommended for use until your baby is around 4/6months, 10 kilograms and/or when baby can roll over, push up or crawl. Whichever limit comes first.
  • Baskets should always be placed on a firm and flat surface. Don’t place it on tables, near stairs, or on any elevated surfaces except for the moses basket stand.
  • Don’t allow pets and/or other children to climb into, or play with/around the basket when the basket is placed on the stand since they can push the basket over.