Pre order moses basket



As we work with people and slower crafts we can only produce small quantities of our moses baskets with 2-3 month intervals. On our homepage you can see which designs we have currently in stock and are ready to be shipped.

If the design you want is listed as 'sold out'  we would recommend you to place a pre order to ensure you receive the moses basket that you have your heart set on. Pre-ordering means your order will be made by hand, especially for you. You can choose any design from our current collection and it will take around 10 weeks for your basket to be ready and shipped to you.

After you applied for your pre order we will send you an invoice with the total amount of your order including the shipping costs to get your basket to you. We will start weaving your basket only AFTER the payment is complete.

We charge an extra of 19 euro for a pre order.

Due to its handmade nature, every basket is unique and the design/color might slightly vary on each basket.


We ONLY take pre orders for our moses baskets.


* Please note that our moses baskets and mattresses can be shipped worldwide. Unfortunately we can NOT ship our stands outside of Europe due their size.

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