The Wrap



It starts off with the soothing feeling of being back in the womb. Wrapped up tightly and comfortably, while sleeping most of the day (and not so much at night ;)). And when your baby get to big to be wrapped up, the wraps will grow with you, transforming themselves to a loose sheet, a blanket, a beach towel or even a super(wo)men cape. 

Our earth wraps comes in four natural colours, are made from 100% recycled cotton and are plant dyed using , using flowers, seeds, roots and leaves.

This means zero harmful toxins or dyes been absorbed by the skin while baby sleeps.

happy baby, happy mama, happy earth.


Size: aprox: 105cm x 105cm

Quality: 100% recycled cotton and 100% plant dyed

Wash instructions: Hand wash on low degree for the first few times. 

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